Starr Lite Potions founded in 2020

Created in Baltimore, by me Brittany Starr. Something that began as a hobby in 2017 turned around being something I wanted to share with everyone in 2020 

Learning how harmful many of our house hold product and candles are to our body and respiratory system really had me stunned to the point I stopped buying candles, plug-ins, room sprays even hair products. I love candles so much I couldn’t take it.
So I’ve decided to create my own brand introducing clean, quality, products we can feel good about using. Not only for ourselves but  around our family, friends, pets, etc... With body safe ingredients like, plant based coconut wax and body safe fragrances oils. Providing a toxin free burn, as well as body butter type candle. Allowing you to use your candles as a hand moisturizer keeping that luxurious scent with you longer. Often times other candles may include Shea butter, or vitamin e & other oils in them giving you that deep massage option.

Now although my focus is candles occasionally there will be more options available which are usually sold as they’re made so subscribe and turn your notifications on for those drops and discounts. Also go and follow us on IG where we do games via the STORY view for give aways and fun, you definitely don’t want to miss it.  
Thanks so much for shopping and checking out all the latest potions.
I hope this inspires someone anywhere to do whatever they love to do (pivot)
God bless !! 

- Brittany Starr